TimeSheet utilizes your Google Calendar as a time recording tool.

TimeSheet utilizes your Google Calendar as a time recording tool. You simply create entries with #tags in your calendar and TimeSheet will create full reports about project usage, resource consumption and project status for you.

Why spending time on additionally tools if you can use what’s already there? TimeSheet is a great and free solution for freelancers and small sized companies.

• Use Google Calender to track time

• Use Google Sheets to create reports

• Use the full functionality of Google Sheets to make it fit your needs

• Share your time consumption among others as simply as you share calendars

How it’s done?

Our recommendation is to create a new calendar for your time recordings. You could technically use your personal calendar, but once you want to share your time recordings with somebody else, it would be a lot of work to separate all the entries.

Within that calendar you can create new entries representing your work-packages. Every entry must have a tag that identifies the group or project of the work-package. Behind that tag you can leave a comment to document the work you have done.

For example:

#project1 Learning about time recording with TimeSheet

Make sure that the entries start-time and end-time matches your actual time consumption. Once you create a report now, all entries of your calendar that are having a #tag in its title will be used to create a report. You are also able to apply filters.

Install the Plugin for Google Sheets

Install the Plugin for Google Calendar

Disclaimer: This script is a practical hack for everyday work. However, I do not take any liability for damages in any form that could result from the use of this script. Calculation errors in the calculation of times or server failures are not excluded. An availability cannot be guaranteed, because the whole thing is executed directly in the Google infrastructure.

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